BlenderGuru Video..!
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Hi! This is a great video about composition, color balance, framing etc. And one of my renders is in it! Check it out! Or: Read More

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Wow! check the new issue of 3D creative magazine!! I`m in there with two pages. Click HERE to buy the magazine (digital)   Read More

My new shader library!
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Hi there! I just thought to share the renders of my new personal shader library I’m working on in my spare time. Its based upon Bertrand`s shader ball and that combined with Warwicks,Bertrands and Viscorbels... Read More

iToo Gallery!
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Great to see the farmhouse in the iToo gallery! Click this link to see the images over there. Also I do have to say (not paid for) that Forestpack is the best plugin i`ve ever... Read More frontpage!
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So today I stumbled upon this. Pretty cool again to see your work on a frontpage. I can’t get used to see that.. I also have no idea what it says besides its about my... Read More

Artist Of September 2014 at Autodesks Area!
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Wow. Look at this! After being nominated for the best Archviz project of the month yesterday, today I`m the Artist of the month at Autodesks Area!!   Read More

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